Sunday, July 31, 2005


I'm making my first tentative steps into The World of Digital Photography. Blogger has made photo posting so simple that even I, fearful and ignorant af all things technological, can put up a picture without my web savy brothers' intervention.

My buddy "X", (no wait, I'll call him "Tripple X" from now on) got himself a digital camera so that he could get some explicit photos of his bareassed self to post on a notoriously sordid internet site. His initial solo efforts, focused down at his lap, lacked subtlety and also suffered from an unfortunate and misleading foreshortening. I was drafted to set decorate, light, and shoot a more ambitious session. I enthusiastically hopped to it, positioning lights for direct and reflected illumination and sweeping away the messy background clutter which mars most amateur internet efforts. I also had to step up for fluffing duty as well (what, after all are friends for?), to keep Tripple X in tip top form for his close ups. He did buy me dinner and beers for the rest of the night as compensation for my dilagence. It wasn't easy. The flash delay was MADDENING; "Hold it! Right there! Keep holding it!" and the machine's increasingly slippery jelly bean form became more and more difficult to grasp as the session wore on, but we got some good shots for all the effort.

I am not allowed to post any of those images.


THIS completely unrelated photo: "Study in Blue, Pink and Green", a June picture of my pale, whitey-white self, and my D.C. friend Carl (who is even more Casper the Ghost than me), will have to do for now. I like the color. If I can pry the camera out of Tripple X's sticky paws, summertime photos will follow.
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