Thursday, April 06, 2006

Spring Photos

I should be using my fancy digital camera to take pictures of the natural world awakening from its winter slumber. The trees along Green St. and 19th approaching my house form a lacy canopy over the pavement, a tunnel of pristine white blossoms sculpted into a faintly box like shape by the moving and delivery trucks bringing new residents and fancy furniture to an old and plain neighborhood. The dull straw colored grass planted last year in the recently laid out dog park along the penitentiary walls, is faintly shaded with luminescent pale yellow green growth, intensifying each day in depth of color and increasing in contrast with the backdrop of crumbling grey stone ramparts. The daffodil borders set by the new 30 something yuppies who've joined the old lady busy bodies of the residents association (not long ago devoted to reducing petty crime and chasing gangs of sullen teenagers off the stoops of vacant houses, but lately focused on parking and "beautification")are in full golden blossom.

Instead, my thoughts have turned decidedly to getting laid, so I'm using it to take pictures of myself to post on various hook up sites for whatever attention and approbation they'll garner.
Like these two.

Um, call me?

...Leo, 5'5"... turn-ons: long walks on moonlit beaches, nude volley ball, pillow fights...
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