Monday, June 12, 2006


Anytime I'm feeling a little down, I remind myself that out there in the cruel and indifferent world, is a diaspora of naugas, each appliqued with sly and brave perpetual smiles and unflinchingly (and unblinkingly) optimistic eyes -

completely unaffected by the tribulations of mortal man.


The Uniroyal Corporation (now Uniroyal Engineered Products LLC, of Sarasota FL) created the breed at their Stoughton Wisconsin facility in the 1960's as a marketing gimmick; a tongue in cheek explanation of the origin of their "cruelty free" simulated leather fabrics.
They were crafted from end of run scraps with colors randomly selected by workers. Certain combinations are extremely rare. Japanese (of course) collectors will now pay HUNDREDS of dollars for a pristine nauga. A recent set of a big and a baby nauga, both in the rare pebbled white with matching eyes and mouths, recently brought over $650.00 on eBay. Oh, for the naugas I've passed up at yard sales and flea markets over the years: "Five DOLLARS!? Ugh, too much." *Sigh*

But just LOOK at the little fellers. Don't you feel better already?
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