Thursday, August 04, 2005

ur hot ! (Pink continued)

Tripple X's new pics have been up for a few days, and the hairy wet love is rolling in. The public votes with it's collective mouse, right? So, The Jock Strap Series must be good. None of the, uh, close ups are on there, not even as locked images. Surprising, 'cause the boy photographs well. In the past, he's used tag lines and proposed T-shirt slogans I'd invented as his headlines. I've done some editing as well. Photo's , headlines, text... Hey wait a minute! I'm doing all the work here! I demand a percentage.


Besides selflessly making sure my boy shows to his best, (and stalking various other friends to see how much time they really spend on the site. I'm pretty much just a lurker, breaking cover to chat in the rare instances when someone has anything interesting to say, or even says anthing at all when they unlock. For the record, my catch so far has been limited to a guy who'd been chasing me around the bar for months (I thought it seemed like a good way to get my feet wet, and I could get him off my back ) and a nervous, rather severe man who I ordered over to the studio to blow me, and then ushered out the door as soon as I was finished with him. Feh. Like any man, I can describe in precise detail the size, contours and coloration of My Wet Dream Come True. Even so, I'm largely personality driven, so It's not an ideal venue for me.

I've put a lot of effort lately into not doing any work at all, and trolling on MH several times a day has really helped me accomplish this. Since I'm at the screen anyway, I belive I should try to do some actual fishing. I think I may have the wrong bait in the water. All I've been pulling lately, are 18 and 20 year olds, skinny wiry punks with multiple arbitrarily inserted piercings (It must be increasingly difficult to horrify your parents these days, all i had to do was put a ring in each lobe and shave my head). As a bunch they're pretty cute, a couple are bright and I might actually meet one of 'em. They only have free memberships so insist that I instant message them on AOL, lest they use up their freebies. This one, the only one I can even remotely communicate with, was so persistant that I actually contacted him.

An excerpt:

Me: well, here's your message
Punk: yo
Punk: im xxxxx whats ur name dude?
Me: is this the way you speak in real life?
Punk: sorta
Me: my name's ed
Punk: kewl
Punk: ur hot ed
Me: i gathered you thought so, what with how persistant you're being.
Punk: yeah? u want me 2 be more sub 4 u? hahaha
Me: no at all xxxxx.
Me: i wouldn't have you any other way
Punk: yeah, im kinda a dom kinda bottom but really just vers except for hot stocky dudes like urself
Me: do you hound alot of "older" men, xxxxx? what are you proposing exactly?
Punk: im proposing that ur hot n ur top n i can be ur bottom if u want it
Punk: coffee n shows r kewl too tho

I like a straight forward guy like this, but nothings gonna happen. xxxxx was born the year I registered to vote. What would we talk about, his skateboard? Coffee is always a pleasure, but any shows would be limited to all ages alchohol free affairs, or have him segregated in the kiddie corall at Trocadero with me trying to sneak him drinks ('cause he's so cute). I seem to have trouble sexulalizing someone i really percieve as a boy, however personable. Just in terms of animal fuck lust, the guys who can trump personality are the ones who manifest stocky hairy muscly-ness, of whatever age. If kids like that exist, they're not contacting me. At any rate, I've still got mountains of work to not get done here. Maybe I should get Tripple X to come over here and take some new pictures of ME. And bring that jockstrap.
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