Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Chelsea Nights


1. Lay square dinner napkin flat on table top.

2. Fold top hem down to center of napkin, keeping it parallel to bottom hem.

3. Fold bottom hem up to center, meeting top hem, forming a horizontal rectangle

4. Turn folded napkin over so that top and bottom hems face the table top.

5. Fold left hand hem over to meet the right hand hem, forming a square.

All for corners of the napkin will now be meeting in the center of the right hand side of the folded square.

6. Rotate the folded napkin so that the napkin corners are positioned at the top of the square.

7. Using the left hand, grasp the two left hand corners with thumb and forefinger, being careful to leave the hemmed edges between them unrestrained. With the right hand, similarly grasp the right hand corners.

8. In one fluid movement, draw the napkin corners apart, while raising the now elongated form to the crown of the head, pulling it taught at the temples, there by forming "ears".

9. Wait for flash.

10. Order another round.
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