Monday, December 19, 2005

Last Roll

Natural lighting by the freight elevator. This photo clearly shows that my stump legs barely reach the ground.

The uninspired and disapointing Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. Perhaps they misplaced the ornaments. We walked thirty blocks for this.

Smile Ed. The painting behind me is one from a 2004 series by Jackie Hoving , who has a studio across the hall. I want her to develop these patterns into soft goods.

Hung in the bare trees of Rittenhouse Square are grapefruit to basketball size balls wrapped with tiny colored lights. Beyond them is the zig-zag spire of the unfortunately proportioned late 80's Liberty Place, by Murphy/Jahn. It's difficult to hold the camera steady for a long night exposure when shivering.

If it's above forty degrees and not raining or snowing, I have the top down. A recent warm sunny day.
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