Thursday, June 29, 2006

More Coffee

4:15 PM. The workday stretches long ahead of me. Unproductive and lazy at my core, I see even less than usual being accomplished today. I'm particularly lacking in energy. In three hours I'll race home to scramble to get myself together for what may - or may not - be a date.

I've made the wrong assumtion both ways. Excepting one Junior and one Senior prom in high school (together with their friends, after much huddled negotiation in front of their lockers with my friends, the girls all but asked ME), I didn't go on anything referred to as a "date" until I was well into my thirties; so I'm close to autistic dating wise. I can never tell if these appointments are the one or the other, and don't know how to clarify the point beforehand.

Regardless of what this evening has in store, at my current pace, I'm just not gonna make it. I think more coffee will help.
Oh sustaining brown elixer...Hmmm. Yes. More coffee.
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