Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Such Fun We Had! Yes.

Ed, Paul, and Damien in Washinton DC

Amtrak means adventure to me, and has ever since I started wandering the North East Corridor as a boy. I brought a magazine and coloring books onto the train, but as always spent the whole trip looking out the windows at inlets, barns and bridges, interspersed with endlessly intriguing scenes of industrial decay. I met up with Peter and Damien at the swanky yet surprisingly inexpensive hotel overlooking DuPont Circle, then headed off to Titan, for the always fun (if unfortunately titled) "WOOF". Ill advised jaunts to Green Lantern and Eagle followed, and were predictably lame, but our intrepid group made it's own fun. DC seems like an early town.

Paul arrived Saturday, to roust us for an afternoon breakfast, and then recorded our pleasant meanderings following the homo trail through the rest of the day. Along the march I managed to loose the treasured sunglasses ( just like Patrick McGoohan's in "The Prisoner") my great grandfather wore on his world travels in the 60's and 70's. Damnit. We all headed back to the hotel for a nap, but instead chattered on and on about clothes, records and boys. We were summoned to dinner and drinks. I did not receive the black t-shirt and 501's memo, so I showed up to eye rolling in iconoclastic wall paper print polyester crepe over a wife beater - though without my dork glasses. I love that shirt. At the outdoor table I realized that that nagging thing I'd forgotten to do before leaving Philly was transfer cash into my empty account. I considered a long evening of trading bathroom blow jobs for beers, but a quick computer pit stop precluded that. Damnit.

More drinks at Jimbo's on the way, then onto The 9:30 Club, where we examined the assemled talent waiting for the doors to open. As always for this night, an especially fine looking bunch. Inside we continued to marvel at both the quantity and quality of really hot guys filling the floor of the hanger sized hall, freshly bannered for the event in a sort of Nuremberg rally aesthetic with complimentary video projections. Mould and Morel spun their trademark dance music for people who actually like music, including featured cuts from their impressive new release.

The morning after brain fog burned off with the searing Sunday sunshine, bringing the realization that none of our crew had managed to drag off one of the numerous fine furry specimens from the night before. Damnit. We drifted off to separate departures, me onto my train and the others to bus and airport. I settled into my seat smiling; a great weekend with a wonderful bunch of guys. Such fun we had! Yes.
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