Thursday, October 12, 2006

Continuing Education

Late last night when I should have been sleeping, I instead watched one of the Psychology 101 courses the local P.B.S. affiliate broadcasts for a community college. The subject was personality disorders. I learned that there were a total of eight distinct personality disorders, of which my four favorites were covered: obsessive/compulsive; narcissistic; borderline; and anti-social. It was riveting. I find any video image irresistibly compelling, but am particularly captivated by pedantic talking heads with goggle size early nineties eyeglasses and giant sentry like shoulder pads hunched up assertively, like malevolent, wayward mastectomy prosthesis. My guide and teacher's droning discourse was broken up by interviews with sufferers of the various conditions. Mesmerizing. Gradually, I realized two things: one, that I manifest key indicators of the first three featured disorders; and two, during the interview segments, that I thought the guys with anti-social personality disorder were, well, kinda hot. None of this can be good. I really need to turn in earlier.
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